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Trolltind is trolling the clouds

Winter is probably my favourite time of the year for photography. Im not fully sure why that is, but i feel that it has to do with the way i think about landscape photography.

To me, landscape photography is a way to simplify the impressions nature gives me. Simplifying a otherwise complexed environmental system of seasons, weather and life. Eliminate time and pause my otherwise fast moving life, enabling me to digest the moment of calm and peace.

For some reason, winter and snow helps me with this simplification, even though being out there in the winter is so much more demanding and complex than during summer.

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Romsdalshorn 1550

Standing strong

Gjuratind (1712)


Store Vengetind. Romsdal

Hegre i flukt

Austre Memurubrean, Norway

Hellstigitindane, Norway

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