Eiffel tower

You have definitely seen this construction before, you know where it is, and you wold like to go there if you haven`t been there already!

Of course it is the Eiffel tower, and yeah, it`s Paris!

Paris is the most visited city in the world, but if it is that special......I`m not so sure!

Anyway, if you are visiting the Eiffel tower......Try to avoid the tourist wave by being there eraly on the day and do not sneak in front old German tourists!

When  my girlfriend and i got there, we just followed the flow of tourists until we finally stood in one of the three ques. Suddenly an angry German pushed his way through while screaming all the bad words he knew!

We got a little paralyzed until we understood, that we had sneaked in front of him and his wife! They was the end of the 200 m long queue. I this case we had not noticed that the German couple where there at all and literally thought that we wore the end of the queue.

Ok....i agree on the fact that he got the right to bee angry, when someone sneaks in the line. All though we did not mean to sneak.

 But here comes the funny part!

He continued talking shit about us in German for the next 20 minutes.
Almost at the end of the queue, i said:

Entschuldigen Sie mich Mr

  Ich will eintschuldigung sagen!
  Ich habe nicht dich gesehen, und wollte nicht zu schleichen!

  Das tut mir leid.

Å.....jada! Vi forsto det hele ;) 


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