White and windy!

We had been walking in whiteout conditions all morning and when we reached the summit, we could barely see each other. The wind was hauling while we prepared for the decent, and the hope of a clear blue sky and perfect skiing condition was long gone. Although we were all looking forward to shred the fresh powder back down to our cabin, the windy whiteout conditions strangled the mood among the group.

I was pretty damn cold on my fingers when we started the decent, and I could barely see anything.
I remember saying to my self "Damn the snow is good, what if the sky could just clear up!"

Seconds later, the sky cleared and the vision and view was fantastic!
I immediately stopped and took out my camera from the backpack and snapped a few shots before my hands was to cold to be used. The light and landscape created a beautiful scenery and you can clearly see the clouds coming in from the right hand side, while the sun threw its rays at the fresh snow.

It is amazing how much energy you gain from the sight of the sun, during the winter!


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