Typical Norwegian winter morning

The first few weeks of 2016 delivered beautiful winter weather with 50 cm snow and temperatures below -20 degrees.  If this is the consequence of climate change....Bring it on! 

The problem is that I am well aware that the climatic change will contribute to a warmer climate with increased frequency of extreme low-pressure fronts with strong winds and tons of rain in Scandinavia. Witch again will decrease the chance of getting super cold winters with powder snow and crystal-clear mornings like the on photographed min January 2016.

Although we all know, the winters we love so much will change dramatically in the future, why don’t we do anything about it? Why don’t we change our habits and contribute to the change for a sustainable and green future as inhabitants of this wonderful planet? Is that not our reasonability?
If we don’t act and fail in finding a solution on the upcoming challenges due to climate change, we might not be able give the upcoming generations a “healthy” sustainable planet to live on!

Meaning my grandchildren might experience taking the skies to work or 4 weeks of continuous cold winter because we failed stopping the temperature rice created by our greedy thoughts and strategies pushing our private economy to new heights!
I am not here to state that I know the true consequences of the climate change weather it is human made or not. I just want to say that if we has the least suspicion that climate change is our fault, why don’t we let that doubt benefit the future generations and give them a head start on the future challenges. Not only


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