Vettismorki, the ultimate nature experience!

This image brings back some amazing memories from when I lived on the west coast of Norway with easy access to the steep mountains and astonishing fjords. I cannot count the amount of hiking trips I have had with my friends and my girlfriend in these mountains.  Trips where I have met all sorts of creatures like eagles and deer’s, as well as super strong local mountaineers and not so strong German tourists.

These mountains does not only provide you long lasting friendships and strong nature experiences but it also gives you a sort of inner peace. The silence and remoteness of these areas forces you to put away your smartphone and forget the daily schedules because there is no connection or signals at all!

Think about that for a second, how often do you go one day without using your smartphone or some sort of digital device? How often do you have to trust yourself and a paper map to navigate?

Do you remember how it feels to be completely offline?


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